Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There was weird light at my studio today.


I turned the folder around.


The color of the light got dimmer.


I tried a piece of moss,


then coal.


Moss and coal are nice but they don't really work here. I grabbed a red pencil box for some contrast,


then a roll of tape.
(I tried the tape before the pencil box but I switched the order so the best would come last).

After playing I realized what the photos reminded me of. The colorscape that was installed in Turku for the past few weeks. Inflated rooms in cel-like constellations where you could wander and sometimes hear music. It sounded nice but I was unable to go. Some friends went but didn't take the time to wait, there was always a long queue. A Facebook friend had taken photos there. Families smiling, posing and goofing around in flowing capes, it looked like utopian imagery from the sixties. Everything bathed in RGBs.

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