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This goes a long way in my humble opinion. If you need more (specific) advice Jessica Williams started giving it for free in her blog. You can send her questions concerning cats, love and art. If she doesn't know the answer she has generously promised to google it for you. I advice you to try.

One of the best songs of 2008 still applies

Hercules & Love Affair : Iris

She carries news travels
By rainbow
Bearer of peace with a
Message for all
Today you'll dance,
You'll share each other
Elders will stumble,
The babies will crawl

Put down your weapons, put
Down your chosen ones
Put on your best clothes,
Stand straight and tall
Don't give up on your desire,
I can understand your thirst
Put another one before yo,
Help someone else first

Today is a day for
Someone else,
Today is a day for
Someone else
Today is a day for
Someone else
This moment is yours and you
Can give it to someone else

Put down yout weapons,
Put down your chosen ones
Leave expectations at the door
You are your brother
You are your sister
Communication, start
Giving more

Don't stop believing,
Continue to give praise
Your exaltation is a good thing
Just take those teachings,
The ones of light
Of celebration, and start to sing

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Internet palm readings


First attempt in a series of Internet Palm Readings i.e. What is the internet trying to tell me?

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On narrative image collecting i.e. That's my business

The basic fear of starting a blog for me is


I feel like I definitely could, and more or less should, blog about EVERYTHING .

(hence my recent blog post being about the UNIVERSE for crying out loud. Oh hybris..*)


So I make a blog about pictures and trying to find "a narrative".

The narrative is something that has been interesting me for some time. I studied animation that has to do with both visuals and narrative. As my final thesis work I wrote about the supposed narrative in the work of Mamma Andersson's paintings. Looking for reading material I inevitably ran into Mieke Bal, one of the main ladies of the narrative theory, who has written about something called narrative image collecting. I might blog about her theories more later, but what initially caught me was the feeling of recognizion. I was and am definitely a collector of images.

I've had a fffound account (that's Fffound with four F's. Now that that's out of the way excuse me when I forget one or two.) for some time now, it is a wonderful place where you can save pictures by fffounding them. I have a little button on my browser tool bar and when I see a picture on the internet that I really like, I press the button and it is added to my ffound, added to my my collection.

For some people Ffffound can be a place to collect "cool things", like stuff you can use for your next commissioned illustration or ad campaign and that's fine too.

For me, ffounding is making a mark and jotting something things down like taking a note. The fffounding process inevitably takes on a form of a narrative and that is such a nice thing to watch.

The sad thing is that you need an invite to Ffffound and I don't have any left. Many friends use Tumblr for the same thing and it is more or less something in between fffound and a blog, mostly concentrating on making visual notes. Who knows maybe I just tumbled into the right tumblrs (sorry I couldn't help the wordplay), but they also certainly have a strong, personal story to tell. The layout of tumblrs is also very pleasing and uncluttered. So if this image collecting business sounds tempting, I say go for it.

So I wanted to make this blog - and when I use the term blog here, it means visuals and text combined. Often when I would Ffffound a picture I would have an urge to write something beside it, like a note. I love Ffffound in all its nonverbality that leaves so much space for personal interpretations but I started to get the feeling I want to write too, I don't want to forget the connection that was made in the impulse of ffffounding.

I did contemplate on making a tumblr instead of a blogspot because of it's look. So why did I go with blogger? Even if nothing prevents me from typing text into a tumblr my feeling of tumblrs was that they are very imagecentric and image colllecting in them would be too much like something that I already do with Fffound, just on a different platform. Blogspot seemed like a decent place to combine this visuals and text thing that so intrigues me.


I made this and was instantly faced with

First wave of feeling:
I feel like I should blog about every picture I've found

(imagine illustration: second wave crashing on a beach. If you have a very bad imagination, see here for examples.)

Ok.. can't do that... maybe blog about every picture I've ffffound?

(imagine illustration: third wave crashing on a beach)

Phew. That's lot of work. And I want to get to the new, to the now, at some point.

(imagine illustration: fourth wave crashing on a beach)

Maybe group all the pictures I've ffffound into groups and then blog about the groups? Like.. translucent places and other nomadic homes, pretty dresses and pencil drawings, heroes, veiled objects, textures, eyelashes, the color black, knits, all the time going into smaller categories. Like go from film stills to czech new wave to the eyelash of a really pretty girl who is at the same time something that would quite naturally be categorized as ugly. So ok maybe that girl was from an early Milos Forman film and I don't exactly have a picture of THOSE particular EYELASHES on my fffound but you get my point**.

I'm still undecided if I will do this. But. The main point to this blogging and image collecting business I actually found out last spring as I was writing that thesis on Mamma Andersson's paintings. My goal was to spend time with the pictures and let the final text be some sort of a document of that time***.

There is no what and why but there is a path that can be shown. And what I must do now, in one way or the other? Illuminate it, illustrate it, trust it, walk it, figure it out and go deeper into da mystery cave, spend time, make more time to look at pictures and who knows. Maybe another thing will pop out.

Looking only leads to more looking, yeahhhhh. But please let me look!


So maybe...

what I'm most afraid offf, and what is really driving me to do this, is not that I will actually reveal something or make this to a tedious task of making myself have a go at blogging about everything

but it's more the fear that I will just

stop looking.

I mean, I was just getting started and all!
Love, Elina

* Hybris is basically a synonym of insult according to the ancient greek and all in all, a very condemnable feeling which leads into bad things. But man, I just wanted to make out with the universe.. is that really so bad?

** hmmm subject to blog about: pictures that I THOUGHT I had in my fffound but don't.

*** If reading this you get a feeling that you, my dear hopefully potentially not-makebelieve but flesh-and-bones kind of reader, want to read my thesis, it's safely nesting at the library of Turku Arts Academy. Mind you, I hope you don't go ahead and do it, because I'm already quite embarrassed about it. I have been given the possibility to rehearse and rewrite it for an article and I dread the moment that I actually have to read it through again. Ok ok, what did I just write about "the path" and "the mystery cave". YES. I know all this. And most of all, embarrasment has to do with EVERYTHING, anything that's worth the while. I well know I can't stop you from reading it, should you want it, luckily there is an ocean between the damn beloved thesis and most of my readers and maybe I'm just assuming too much, maybe you'd rather not read it at all. When I start working on the rehearsed version of the text, maybe I will have the energy and guts to translate it into English then. At least blog about it. Who knows.

Film about betrayal

By Scott Blaszak via New Art

"So... I guess what I'm trying to say is.. our relationship is a guerrilla marketing campaign"

and also

"I don't think you should dwell on the fact that I was making fourteen buck an hour while we were together"

Wow. Deserves its place among my favorite movie quotes along all the woody allens and such.

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OMG I'm having a rap attack...

Whodini - Magic's Wand


Recommended by Juuso of Bolomo Makrofilm and Powerpoint Boys.

Me + Universe = Hot and Heavy

Easter weekend nonstop quality smooching time with the universe.





Related song:
“The Big U” Lyrics by The Blow

I must admit
I’ve been a little bit afraid of your relationship
With the Universe

I know that you, you love him best
And I can see the way he lights you up
I can feel him pounding there in your chest

I know one day
Your love story with him will probably take you away
And I’ll cry Yeah

But I’ll do it in the way I heard the therapist say
It’s not just sad
It just feels

I’m not immune to all the fears that float in the atmosphere
Am I awful?
Will I, I end up alone?

I can fall, feel a claw in the night
I’ll spend a week or two controlled by the phone

I know one day, I’ll watch the Universe come up and ask me out on a date
And I’ll say, “Yeah.”

And we’ll get into his car and we’ll go all the way
There’s no good reason not to

Big One
I thought that I was being generous, sharing you with him Wo oh oh

Big One Oh
You’re not mine to share. Nooo

Big One
I can see it will always be you and the Big “U”

Big One
I consider myself lucky to be let in on your threesome


Illustrations from Carl Sagan's Cosmos series.

Last detail of universe found from an old Mozart vinyl cover from my grandma's collection.

Blow lyrics from

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The Hole by David Shrigley

hey! You with spade
come dig me a hole
dig it deep
dig it deep
dig it deep
hey! You with the fist
come bang on my head
bang it well
bang it strong
'til it breaks
hey! You with the mouth
come say me a prayer
say it nice
say it low
say it well
hey! You with the spade
come fill in that hole
do it quick
before anyone sees




Pillowcase from Salvation army where Johanna works. Gradient card from Antti as a souvenier from Japan.

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Cartoon hideouts

Stills from Max Fleischer cartoon Snow White (1933)

Horror collage

Hausu (1977) by Nobuhiko Obayashi



Looking only leads to more looking.