Tuesday, June 30, 2009

B-home / Retreat in New York

The drawings I made with Jaakko Pallasvuo for Retreat zine were briefly exhibited in Milano Chow's hallway.

The zine comes out in 2009 on Milano's small press Medium Rare.


B-home / Retreat in New York

B-home / Retreat in New York

B-home / Retreat in New York

B-home / Retreat in New York

Les Yper Sound


Flyer for my friend Johanna's pop club Les Yper Sound.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Afterparty images


When making illustrations I'm never working on one image only. That way every commissioned image actually initiates various other images- like these. If making an illustration can be a party at best, then making these private images is like the afterparty of the illustration. The kind with dancing going on.

Some songs that played when I made these images

Wedding - Shugo Tokumaru
Red and purple - The Dodos
Two weeks - Grizzly Bear (this song is addictive!)
Work it - Missy Elliott
Vacuum - Gang Gang Dance
Big Grey Ears - Scratch Pet Land
Your Motion Says - Arthur Russell

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ichizawa Hanpu post box sack

Ichizawa Hanpu post box sack, originally uploaded by hige_megane.

I put this perfect bag on my ffffound, tumblr, flickr favorites and now here. The contrast of the faded worker cotton and the color is just perfect for me. I have a lot of love for faded pink. It makes me feel good in a fuzzy, silly way and it just works with so many other colors. I used to dismiss pink as a child because I thought it was little girl color and I didn't identify with that. I think I'm somehow working that out now with all this pink and peach. Ahh. I always think I should lay off off it already but I always end up using it in my images..

Why fight. I'm just a big softie.

(I never thought this blog would be so much about color? But again, why fight.)

Plastic bags are happening in Turku


Two artists whose work I've been loving in the internet for a long time are visiting Finland next week. Good times!

They are:
Jason Rosenberg www.jason-rosenberg.net/
Emily Ryan www.emily-ryan.nu

I'm looking forward to Jason's plastic Bag Happening that he's putting up in B-galleria on Monday 22nd. The happening is a celebration of the colors, ideas and textures of plastic bags. There's also a small expo of Emily's whimsical drawings. Please come and join us if you are in Turku!

Here's the info:


PLASTIC BAG HAPPENING is a plastic bag exchange, in which you are
invited to come with a plastic bag and leave with a different one. The
time in between these two actions has many possibilities also.

PLASTIC BAG HAPPENING is also an exhibition, which celebrates plastic
bags from around the world, so bring one in, and participate in the
exchange and cross-pollination of textures, colors, and ideas.

Show us your favorite plastic bag! Or trade it in for a new one! Or
purchase a plastic bag creation! Or just come in and look around!

It is only a one day affair this time, so please come say hello!

MONDAY, JUNE 22 2009
2–8 PM (KLo 14-18)
20100 TURKU