Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There was weird light at my studio today.


I turned the folder around.


The color of the light got dimmer.


I tried a piece of moss,


then coal.


Moss and coal are nice but they don't really work here. I grabbed a red pencil box for some contrast,


then a roll of tape.
(I tried the tape before the pencil box but I switched the order so the best would come last).

After playing I realized what the photos reminded me of. The colorscape that was installed in Turku for the past few weeks. Inflated rooms in cel-like constellations where you could wander and sometimes hear music. It sounded nice but I was unable to go. Some friends went but didn't take the time to wait, there was always a long queue. A Facebook friend had taken photos there. Families smiling, posing and goofing around in flowing capes, it looked like utopian imagery from the sixties. Everything bathed in RGBs.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shine on you crazy diamonds

Stills from documentary Boheemi elää about the great Finnish actor Matti Pellonpää. As a film it's horrible but the 8mm films from Peltsi's childhood are amazing and inventive. He made them with a friend who lived closeby. There was one 8mm still image I wanted to include, opening credits with letters placed on two red pillows, but it was hard to find because it was edited further away from the other 8mm bits. I didn't remember what part it was linked to and I couldn't bear to rewind and forward among the messy documentary for very long. So this is what I gathered:

The lady in the last pic was a neighbor (?) of Peltsi's, "a natural born actress".